Amur Leopard

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I have started straight away with my blogging, and my first blog is on the Amur Leopard. I was going to upload a video, however Im not paying £50 to upload a video so if you would like to see it message me your email and I will send it to you by Email. Thank You.

Amur Leopards are a critically endangered species located in Russia. There are only 30-35 of the Amur Leopards left. Their coat is a pale, cream colour in winter, however they turn to a reddish-yellow in summer. It has widely spaced spots with thick, black rings and darkened centres. The paler coat and longer fur of the Amur leopard make it distinct from other subspecies. They also have light, blue-green eyes. They live as you see in the Russian Far East. In  summer they live in the habitat of the temperate forest, in winter they live in a cold harsh mountain environment.


They are endangered for many reasons, one of which is habitat loss which is caused by Russian locals set fire to their forest habitat to stimulate fern growth used in local dishes. As well, the same reason as many endangered species, poachers kill them for their fur, also Amur Leopards have the frequent problem of inbreeding causing them to be more vulnerable to diseases, not being able to reproduce and lifespan is shortened. There are many projects such as fire fighting, local awareness programs and compensation for livestock. To help please donate to the WWF which have a program set up to protect the Amur Leopard. 



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